The secret of wealth


I decided to re-publish this article on a popular demand of my dearest readers. Have a pleasant reading.

Today is January 20th 2018, what I want to achieve with this write up is to let you know that you can start small and you can actually start with what you have. I am gradually seeing the result of my effort. I am also gradually moving towards my financial promise land.

Planning and having a goal is very important in your journey to future. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, he said “you own yourself a duty to make a decision, when you do this, then the whole universe conspire to make it reality. The problem with you and most people is that they don’t know what they actually wanted in life.

Okay! Let me put it this way. What did you want? You will notice that you do not have an answer to that question. Let me ask you again… What did you want in life? No answer. You see!

Funny enough to some people that are able to provide answer; give them another 24 hours and ask them the same question. You will discover that they are giving answer that is far different from the first. People don’t actually know what they wanted in life.

What do you want in life?

Here you are! Ask them the same question ‘what do you want in life? Some weeks or months later and even a year later. The answers are quiet not the same. Whoever is exhibiting this kind of behavior doesn’t have future. Yes! They do not know what they want. If you don’t know where you are going, how do you get there?

You only know what you want when you have a goal. A goal is the template of your decision to move you from point A to point B at a specific period of time. If actually you have decided on your goal, you should be able to write it down and be ready to following it to letter at a specific period of time.

This is exactly what I did that made me to be hopefully sure that in the future, I will be having very vast land cultivated with different arable and tree crops. The resources from the farms will be use to create employment for our teeming job seekers in this community, and to establish farm academy which will be later upgraded to private entrepreneurial university.

How do I know that I will achieve this? I know because I have captured the ideas and set it as a goal and documented it on paper to see what skills and finance would be required to arrive at my destination.



On this small piece of land, I have tested how wealth could be generated with banana plantain farming. In fact, I have develop a blue print and easy to follow step by step of this in my best selling book ‘Wealth Secrets in Banana Plantain Farming’. You can get your copy HERE 

Few weeks to this time, we are expanding this on about 10 acres of lands on borrowed lands I partnered with a friend at Atan Ota in Ogun State. As soon as we start work on that we shall let you have a glimpse.


This is the nursery section where we are raising plantain suckers for onward transplanting into the main site and also for sale. We wish ourselves best of luck.

Hopefully in 15 months all things been equal, we are expected to generate N1,000,000 on an acre of land on plantain alone.

I don’t want to reach the future and people will be saying ‘ose ogun owo ni. He is into money ritual. Let me assure you that everything is achievable only if you can fathom an idea and setting a goal on achieving it.

The secret of wealth is no more secret. The shortest way to achieve success in life is to find someone who’ve already achieved what you want and then model his pathways to success. All this story I’m narrating here is already documented in my book – ‘Wealth Secrets in Banana Plantain Farming’. Get your copy HERE!

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