Entrepreneurship provides you the ability to finding a need and filling it. It is an act of laziness mentality to think that there is no more business to pioneer. Remember that the world is constantly in need and requires smart people to provide that needs.

I feel sorry for whoever runs away from commitment to entrepreneurship and yet they want to create wealth. This becomes impossible because you would hardly meet people who earn a million dollars as salary; he must have transformed himself to a walking entrepreneur. Or turning himself to indispensable product.

As an entrepreneur, you face challenges of walking up to make your dreams happen while your mates spend all their time dreaming of accomplishing great things.  You may also walk away from your comfort zone of a salary to creating a future you like.

The time has come when our graduates should be taught how to write fascinating business proposal instead of writing CV/ applications and looking for jobs all over the place. Those who know how to write attractive business proposal and venturing into entrepreneurship would be creating a platform of opportunity for themselves and the world around them.

Let me remove this fear that entrepreneurship does not requires you to have extraordinary ability but finding what you can do well and form business around it. C’est fini. That is one reason I’m into business like farming. Yes! people need food and I’m producing to fill the needs. Does that make sense?. All because I am an entrepreneur.

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