Farming! The Gateway To Financial Successes

sulayman holding ugwu fruit

sulayman holding ugwu fruit

You may have to read this letter to the end to get an insight of above caption –Farming is the gateway to financial success.

 On October 2015 to be precise, I bought 4-5 seeds of ugwu at a local market in Alimosho Local Government, Lagos State at N50. Suddenly, the seeds just became scarce in the market. We couldn’t get the seeds until planting season of last year (March – April2016), when only 2-3 seeds were sold at N100. Can you imagine? Then, the story in the town was farmers were desperately seeking ugwu seeds to buy. I perceived this as an opportunity to make money.

I taught we should be producing ugwu seeds en-mass next planting season (2017). In other to save cost of getting seeds I decided to plant the few seeds I had. Wow! I came out with the first fruit of ugwu on the 20th   November, 2016.

From our Atan ota Farm, farmers have been calling us that they would like to buy seeds. We produce early maturing and non-susceptibility to major diseases. Look at it here; you can also get our seed catalogue here;

Sultaj Farm, Atan Ota, Ogun State. Nigeria

Sultaj Farm, Atan Ota, Ogun State. Nigeria

On June, 2016, Tom Sulayman Enterprises in collaboration with Tom Organic And Integrated Farm (TOIF), we decided to come out with a farming ideas we tagged ‘Diagnostic Farming Revolution’ DFR. The crops we decided to put in the line of production aside ugwu were; cassava, water melon, banana & plantain, sweet potato, ginger and moringa.

The idea behind this, is to resuscitate the lost glory of agriculture in Nigeria using South-West as a take-off point. We are doing this to make farming attractive to the interested youth in order to reduce the growing unemployment trends currently witnessed in the country.

We want to re-establish the old trust our fathers had on agriculture and go back to produce the quality agricultural produce for the family and for commercial. As part of  DFR, we have acquired land in different locations spreading across states in the South West, Nigeria. There are farms at Ikotun, Ihunbo, Ado-odo, Ata-ota, Ibadan, Ifo, Papa-Lanto etc

Though, still on the pipeline, as part of the DFR plan is to acquire lands in different parts of the country and allocate to the interested farmers who would cultivate with our support and specifications. To partake in this opportunity, apply here; 

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