How to become rich easily

How to become rich easily

How to become rich easily

Last week while discussing my farming progress with a student who came to serve in my organization. Okay! I didn’t tell you that I was doing this in part time. Now you should know.

The student asked how I would manage all these farming projects I’m spreading all over the places. I told him that I was a trained serial entrepreneur. As a serial entrepreneur, all that is required of me to manage all the businesses in different location is to create a system.

Having a mindset of an entrepreneur has given me a great freedom and allows my businesses to run without my presence. This has been the ultimate goal of an entrepreneur. You may want to ask me – how is this possible? It’s absolutely possible. Let me also add that as simple as it sounds, but not as easy as you may think. Simple means anybody can do it, and not easy means not everybody will do it.

What I did was to create a system that runs the business with or without me. My business systems include human being (my staff), technologies and machines. Have you notice how Banks with many branches operate without the owner or relation of the owner in any of the branches? Have you also wonder why a branch manager will be run helter-skelter to see the smooth running of the business that’s not his? This is a system put in place by the owner of the banks for its smooth running without his presence. In fact the owner makes money why sleeping or on vacation with his family.

If you’re able to build your business to this level, you can make money even while you’re sleeping. This is possible because you have human and technologies that work for you either you are present or not. Not minding the time of the day you are reading this article, you may unconsciously making purchase from my online book store. This site is so automated that you make purchase using your credit card and get your product deliver to you. Funny enough you may be doing this while I’m sleeping.

It’s not so easy to build a system on autopilot but it’s possible if you’re serious about having one. I have about five of these and still counting.

How do you create business like this?
The simplest principle of doing this is to find a need and fill it. Yes the first thing to do is to be on the lookout for human wants you can satisfy and provide it. Just look around you for an opportunity to make something better.

When standing at the news stand, don’t just listen to the political or football arguments, listen to the complaints and problems and get your head working on how you can create products or services to solve some of the problems being discussed.

Build a business system around this problem. Any creative thinker can successfully do this only if you are ready to pay the price.

If you’re confused and don’t know how to go about creating your own business system,
Simply get yourself a copy of my book “The Bundle of Talents”

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