The Secrets of Getting Rich

secrets_of_getting_richLet me expose you to some of the secrets that had helped me and my followers over the years to become that personality you’re respecting today. What most don’t know is that “success is a native of nowhere”.
Anyone can become rich in respective of your colour, race and country of abode. It is a poor man’s mentality that you must sojourn to other country before you can become a success. In most cases it doesn’t work like that. If you want to achieve extraordinary success in the coming year, as we are gradually moving toward the end of the year, study the experts, do what they do, and modify their techniques to suit your particular situation. It’s as simple as ABC!
We are presently in an era where people mostly find it extremely difficult to become rich legitimately. We all need to be reminded that there are basic fundamental that one needs to follow. Find below 9 powerful secrets I’ve adopted to get myself to this respectable stature you are admiring.

1. Make values your priority. Becoming rich must surely work with your value. Whatever you believed and conceived will eventually happen to you. You can only successfully do this by making the list of things you value, clarify what you usually want and specify what you plan to do with your life. Be mindful that universe is been guided by existing laws that whoever breaks them will be confronted with the consequences.
Though people made money but I’m yet to see anyone who gets rich and be satisfied without minding their values, priorities and belief. True riches will come your way when you make values your priority. You should know if you are making your money legally: if not you have lost you value. Nobody does this and get away with it.

2. Create a lifestyle of your dream. Before you can be trusted with great wealth, you must have room to receive it; or else it wouldn’t be long before it slips off your hands. Have you ever notice someone who worth millions in January and by December of the same year he was on debt of millions of naira. That is one reason I make jest of people in my community that are staking their hand earned on get-rich-quick program. I ask them what would they do with million they are expecting? They told me until it comes.
Before you can handle a great wealth, you must make room to receive it and to live it. This supports one reason why poor will always remain poor even if entrusted with vast wealth. Even if gotten, it’s just a matter of time before he wasted it and come back to it old self. Create a life first; the lifestyle of your dreams will follow.

3. Reduce bulk load. Getting rich entails that you have clear priorities and a passionate commitment. You can’t be everything at the same time. Be focus on your journey and stop looking on distractive objects. Trying to create success and achieving wealth when facing a lot of distractions won’t help. Simplify your life by eliminating the excuses of not reaching your goals. Discipline yourself from distraction you created by chatting on the social media, much hours spend on watching TV and discussing the issue that have nothing to do with your life journey.

4. Be Specific. Know exactly what you want and visualize how to get it. Nobody can hit a target they can’t see. Know what success is really about and determine how you will achieve it. Be determined by setting a clear and achievable goal from the beginning and ready to pay the price.

5. Second option is not an option. If truly you are determined to achieve what you’ve set up in your goal, you should behave like what a Greek General did to his troops on an enemy catchment area. The general, having led his troop on an enemy shore, destroyed the only option they would have chosen if the battle does not favour. Alas! He set the ship that took them to the battle field ablaze. This gave them the clear signal that retreat and failure were not an option. Leave no room for failure.

6. Law of income will be in your favour. You should not expect to get more than you contribute. Law of income clearly specified that “your income is determined by amounts of product or service you showcase at the marketplace”. No one pays you more than your worth. This is one secret rich people will not joke with. Nature has way of compensating you if you’re been paid less than your worth. It also has a way of getting back what you have been overpaid. Get cleared about this! It wouldn’t be long before people realized you been paying what you do not worth. Some people will rip you off; the rest will make you rich!

7. Spend less than your income. If you are getting money in drops and you are spending it in flood, it won’t be long before you will be exposed. This is another secret rich people don’t joke with. They are very frugal when it comes to spending their hand earned money. It is only poor that spend what they are not worth and put themselves in unnecessary debt. Wealth is not lavishly spent when accumulated. Accumulated wealth is re-invested, used wisely and given back to the society. It is never spent.
If you stumble into riches and you do not re-invest but spend it lavishly by buying into liabilities, it won’t be long before you bring yourself to where you belong – you belong to poor people indeed! If you want to achieve great wealth, live simply, invest wisely, torch life and enjoy yourself. You can only achieve this if you live below your income.

8. Get rich smartly. You can successful done this when investing in assets that are hand to spend like building, stock and bond. The key to great wealth is to multiply your income when you make it. People are poor not become they don’t make money but they lack the ability to sustain, multiply and maximize the money. You should be able to create a portfolio of assets instead of liabilities. Have you ever ask yourself what assets and liabilities are? I’m not talking about school definition. Anything that adds money to you is an asset while liabilities take money away from you.
You are struggling financially because you are using your hand earned on what takes money away from you. Income gets spent where you have portfolio of cars, shoes, sophisticated phones just to mention a few. Create wealth that is not taxed, and isn’t spent on a casual impulse.

9. Give back. One reason you are entrusted with so huge wealth is to spread it to the less privilege. It is only the selfish, the miser or the mean that will accumulate wealth and refuse to spend it to just means. It is not possible to burry you with money when you die. This is one reason those you see as wealthy people in the society lost all their wealth immediately after their demise. It is another reason wealth gotten illegal means will never prosper in the hands of next generation.
If truly you are working hander to attract money to your life, be clear about what you want to do with it. Be mindful that parts of it will be distributed to charities that will use it for good. Make the world a better, richer place and you’ll create wealth that will last for generations to come. Your children will be proud of you!

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