Two (2) Best Ways of Making Money in Real Estate

Let me start by giving you an idea of what real estate is all about. Real estate is any property consisting of land or buildings. If you have land or building somewhere that is real estate. Don’t let me disturb you with the grammar of what real estate is all about.

Now that you have gotten the simplest explanation on this, my concern is to show you the best two methods that I know it works on how to make money in real estate. In fact these methods I’ve been practicing for sometimes now. Using these methods you will continuously and unconsciously making your cool cash. Yes! By unconsciously I meant with little or no effort at all from you.

How do I mean?

The two methods are: 1) Capital Appreciation Method
2) Cash Flow Method

1. In capital appreciation method, you’ll experience regular increment on the capital you invested. This happens when the money that is being supposedly tightened down on the land or building is unconsciously given certain returns every year. As the value of the land or building appreciates, the money invested is also increased.

How do I know this? I’m presently experiencing a reasonable appreciation in all our landed properties spreading across Idiroko, Atan Ota, Mowe-Ofada and even Ibadan just to mention a few. I didn’t realize that these are happening until calls started coming-in asking us if we are selling those properties. Waoh! This is what kick started our interest in real estate business. I will be telling you more about our land selling business and how to get avoidable lands from us in the subsequence articles.

2. Cash flow method: this method is simply putting the land or building into rentage and collect money every year. I love this method very well. All it entails is your ability to delay gratification by investing maximally on properties and be seeing your reward coming to you without much effort from you.
Let me deal extensively on how to do this with land, even if the land is located inside the village. In fact this is what I did with most of my landed properties that were located in the villages. Our land at Ibadan in Ido Local Government Area was put under cultivation of cassava and maize. We are also planning to take our snail and rabbit farming there next season.

Just last August 2017, we had finished the harvesting of our corn and allow the cassava to continuing on the same piece of land.


Corn harvest at our Atan Farms

Also serious mix cropping is going on at Iyesi Farms with crops like cassava, maize, banana plantain, beans, pawpaw etc under cultivation.

Planting season at Iyesi

Planting season at Iyesi

Now that you’re reading this and that you’ve been exposed to the two best methods of capital appreciation and cash flow in the real estate management, it now becomes your duty to go ahead and implementing this. I’m very sure you’re going to thank me for giving you this wakeup idea.

Importantly, if you are having land lying fallow somewhere, you may consider partnering with us in our agricultural revolution campaigns we tagged Diagnostic Farming Revolution’ (DFR). Thanks for reading.

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