Unemployment Does Not Exist

unemploymentUnemployment does not exist. Unemployment is an unusual and unnatural state of affairs. Let me state categorically that there is always work to be done. You are the reason you do not have work. Do not blame anybody. Blame yourself.

All that is required of you to get into the workforce is to do one or more of three things;

  1. Lower the amount you are asking to perform a particular task and be ready to offer to work for less.
  2. Do something that people are willing to pay for. (i.e learn one or more skills)
  3. Move to a place where your current skills are in greater demand.

Listen to this!

How on earth did you get the idea that you are entitled to a well-paying job?  Even worse, where did you get the idea that somehow Government is responsible for creating jobs? How is it that you made no effort to upgrades your skills for years can suddenly be upset and angry when no one will pay you the kind of money that you want to earn?

Too many people want to get paid more and more for doing less and less, and they constantly amazed when they meet resistance to this from every corner. Are you one of them?

Most of the problems with employment are caused by the fact that most people don’t want to get up on Monday morning and go to work. People are just lazy. They will only work if they see that there is no other way to get the things they want.

Majority of income earners see their work as a necessary evil, something they have to do to earn the money to support their lifestyles. In most cases, these people see their work as a punishment, something they have to endure, a penalty they have to pay to enjoy the rest of their lives. People with this attitude have a very limited future.

Is it really possible for anyone to be paid more money for doing less work? It is not possible to permanently charge more for labour than the employee contributes in value.  It is not also possible to charge more than what your employer can pay; even Federal Government has fixed the minimum wage. Each person surely reaps exactly what he sows, no more and no less.

Law of income was cleared on this, ‘that your income is directly proportional to the values you contributed to the marketplace’

The best personal desire for a good job at high rewards is to continually upgrading your skills, getting better and better at doing more and more of what employers value most and customers are willing to pay for.

Psychologically, and in the world of work, you can only be paid in direct proportion to three things:

  1. The work you do.
  2. How well you do it and
  3. The difficulty of replacing you.

Just imagine your contribution to your present work. I am aware that some people are even collecting pay for gossip or manipulating records in their offices. These people are been paid to destroy their own future – what a calamity! This is one reason why somebody will retire and do not know what to do with the rest of his life. Because he has been in the job to earn instead of learn.

You own yourself a responsibility to choose the right job that fit into your talents and skills, and become very good at doing it and finally make yourself indispensable. This is the key to your future.

Governments don’t create jobs. Unemployment does not exist. You are the architect of your own life. Find yourself something to do, stop being lazy. It is your decision and not your condition that determines your destination

This is a free society, where everybody is responsible for his own life and work. Each person is responsible for acquiring and developing the skills necessary to earn the kind of money he wants to earn in the current, continually changing marketplace. Each person is responsible for continually upgrading his skills so he can do what people are willing to pay for today.

I am amaze when I hear some people demanding the politicians to do something to create jobs for our teeming population. But what they don’t realize is that politicians or government lack ability whatsoever to create jobs. They do not have that ability. All that is require of them is to create the enabling economic environment that encourages risk-taking entrepreneurs to invest in the production of goods and services people want, and in so doing, create jobs for the people necessary to produce those products and services.





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