Will You Like To Be The Next Professional Website Designer?

Then! I advise you read this letter to the end.

My dear friend,
I am inviting you to a completely comprehensive training on how to design awesome and attractive website in less than 15 minutes!
Yes, you won’t believe that it is possible until you come in contact with me for this training



Get These 10 Facts About The Job of Website Designing: Do You Know That;

1. There are currently over 270 million web Consulting jobs begging to be done on the streets of Nigeria and there is an estimated N400 million plus to be made from these jobs. Let me Prove this to you in facts and figures:

2. Lagos State alone has a population of around 9,013,934.Think of the number of churches, schools, club, etc in Lagos alone; ask yourself how many of them have a website or may need website?
3. Oyo State has a population of around 5,591,589. Think of the Microfinance banks, radio shows, radio stations, TV stations, TV shows, commercial stores, poultry farms, hotel etc and ask yourself how many of them have websites or may need websites?

4. Osun state has a population of 3,423,535. Yobe state has 2,321,591; Cross-River state has around 2,888,966. Just think of how many schools, churches, Government establishment are in these states that may need websites. Don’t you think so?

5. Abuja has a population of 2,759,829. Just think of how many NGOs, Pressure groups, Business owners, Politicians, schools, churches, Government establishment are in this City.
6. The simple truth remains that everywhere you turn to in Nigeria today, there is huge desperate market for websites, and those who know how to build them are the ones that will rake in cash.

“Those who stop learning, stop earning”

Learn how to design websites and start earning.
It’s as simple as that.
I am not done yet! Read on.



Here Are Financial Reasons You Must Know About Website Designing.

• A singer simple website project can fetch you up to N100, 000 and more.
• A complex website like that of a church with database, message upload and image manipulation capacities can earn you from N250,000 upward
• A website for Government establishment or for a deep pocket institutions can fetch you heavy pay cheque up to N5,000,000 and above.
• Play smart and offer this service to politicians when the election comes, and you can rake in huge sums within the shortest possible time.


If your monthly income hardly takes care of your bills, and you want a simple but genuine way that works, to make money daily at your leisure with nearly zero start-up capital, so you can lift your finances and be impressed with yourself…



Now! Let us pause a bit and talk about myself.


My name is Tajudeen Sulayman. And I’m an average person like you that stumbled across amazing investment ideas. It was some years ago but I can still remember feeling a bit uncertain about my own financial future. I am sceptical about this because of the people surrounding me. All these I had conquered now that I discovered the path to my future success by taking total responsibility of my life.
In the course of my practice as a web developer and an Internet marketer. I carved a niche for myself in agribusiness, vocational empowerment and information technology development.

I became involved in the businesses that cut across all these three specialities. This experience led me to set-up/establishment of the following business entities. They are:
1. Sultaj Entrepreneurial Development Centre (SEDEC).
2. Sultajbiz.com (bulk SMS) platform
3. TOI Farms
4. Sultajweb
5. Tom Sulayman Ent ( an agricultural consultancy firm)
6. Sultaj Book Store – selling point for all my information products.
7. etc
I am one of the most gifted and desired entrepreneurs and coaches in the business of agriculture, vocation and ICT. Since this write up is not about me, let stop here and talk business.


With my wealth of experience in website design and development, I know it can be daunting for an average person like you to come up with a good website design. It is even more expensive to ask a professional web designer like myself to design a website for you. But what of If I tell you that you can create your own professionally designed website without hiring a techie like me?
I discovered a simple but powerful method that can help you crank out several websites in less than 15 minutes and the only skill you need is the use of Microsoft Word. Are you computer literate? All you need is basic computer knowledge. I know that almost everyone in the universe can use MS-word in as much you have fingers and you can press the keyboard button, then, you can use MS-Word. This is just what you require to partake in this training. If you are, then read on.
How will you feel, if after showing you what to do at the training, you are able to come up with your first website online in just about 15 minutes? That is exactly what is going to happen. If you don’t know anything about website design before, you are in for a pretty surprise because you will be able to put your website online even at the training.


Come with Your Laptop & Internet Connection

I am set to practically help you with your first website. This is not going to be those type of theoretical training where you can only see how it is done on the screen and you won’t be able to do anything again when you get home to practice on your own. So, just come around with your laptop and internet connection and you will have your website live online

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before leaving the training.

It’s a promise… Take this from.

Can you imagine how interesting it will be for you to tell people close to you that you are going for training on website design in the morning and then telling them in the evening to check out the website you just designed online?
They will definitely be amazed and blown away! You know why? Just like you, a lot of them know it is not easy to design a website and if you are going to ask someone to design one for you, they may probably be charging you from N10,000.00 to N50,000.00. In fact, it can be more than that and it depends on who is to do the design for you. I’ve collected N25, 000.00 from a client this weekend.


My Dearest Friend,
I want to show you how you can tap into the business of website design today-immediately-and start raking in cool cash and you don’t ever think you can do.
I don’t write article like this in the past, but I feel that it is necessary to bring this to your notice. I will appreciate it if you had closed your office door to avoid interruptions for the next 10 minutes, you can do that now if you haven’t or so that you can well understand the message I am passing unto you.

This Is The Course Contents Of The Training.

Let me quickly show you what you’ll learn after attending this training. After this training, you’ll be learn how to do all of these lists as stated :
1. You will design your first website before leaving this training

2. You will be able to develop Corporate Web sites.
3. You will be able to develop Online magazines, newspapers, and publications websites like www.agricxpress.com.
4. You will be able develop Small business Web sites
5. You will be able develop Non-profit and organizational Web sites.
6. You will be able develop Community-based portals.
7. You will be able develop Web sites for religious outfits like churches and mosques.
8. How to install WordPress with ease.
9. How to choose best WordPress themes for your site.
10. Choosing the right host company.
11. How to build a professional wordpress theme without any code.
12. How to Create members area ,multiple pages, sub menus, slides etc
13. How to Integrate with social media like facebook, twitter, photo galleries, etc.
14. How to add Plugins and Component.
15. How to add any kind of video on your website.


YES! I am teaching all those stuff without charging you a dime for the training. You know, this type of training usually cost about N10,000.00 to N40,000.00. You should know what I am talking about. The truth is that if you go to some training schools with big name, you may cough out hundreds of thousands to take the courses that I just outlined here.
My strong advice to you now is to register immediately and be part of the training why it is free because I won’t know how long I can sustain it for free.

The training will take place at your doorstep as stated in the handbill above. So, you can for the training at your most convenient date and time and get me informed immediately.

OR, Alternatively you may book for appointment to do it in location by sending your details as format below.


You may need to register by sending information as:


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